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60w Solar Street Light for Outdoor Use

60w Solar Street Light for Outdoor Use
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Product Details

1.Fully solar streetlight system. It comprises a PV solar panel, solar charge controller and LiFEPO4 battery combined with high-output LEDs and human infrared sensor. High Luminance, Long Lifespan, Minimal Maintenance and Easy Installation. Fits on any pole or wall.
2. LiFePO4 battery with battey box to withstand the high temperature and more waterproof.
3.Switch easily among three working modes by remote control:time control mode,sensor control mode and mixed mode, choose the mode as you like.
4.What you need to do when you receive them is to put them on the pole or wall, only need 2-3 workers, life time reaches to 5-8 years, installation and maintainance costs reduced by 40%

Solar street led light used for:

Courtyard/Garden/ Park/Street/Roadway/pathway/Parking Lot/Private road/Sidewalk/Public square/ plaza/Campus/Airfield/Farm & Ranch/Perimeter Security/ Wildlife area/Remote Area/Military Base

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