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Types And Classifications Of Street Light

Jul 08, 2017

    Category: 1, according to the height of the street lamp: High pole lamp, medium pole lamp, road lights, garden lights, lawn lights, buried lights; 2, according to the lamp rod material: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamps, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamps and stainless steel street lamps; 3, according to light source points: lamp lamps, LED street lamps, energy-saving street lamps, new Somin xenon lamps. 4, according to modeling: Chinese lights, antique lights, landscape lights, single arm street lamps, both arms street lamps. 5, according to the mode of power supply: City circuit lights, solar street lights, scenery complementary street lighting technology, applicable to street lights. The aim is to design an efficient electronic energy-saving street lamp with a long life, low power dissipation, high power factor and small current harmonic content. The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp includes a sequential connection of the power grid high-voltage discharge slip R1, C1, Rectifier bridge d1-d4, Power factor correction Branch C2, D5, D6, High frequency Burr filter Branch L1, L3, high-frequency oscillation circuit bg1-bg2, start branch L2, C7 and tube t; compared to the previous street lamp can save 80%; harmonic content thd〈25%, prolong the lamp life can reach 3-4 times.Street Light
    Category: Street lamps are usually classified by the shape of the light emitted. The International Lighting Commission (CIE) recommends a projection, expansion and control of 3 items. ① projection. Indicates that the light emitted by the luminaire is spread vertically along the road, and is divided into short, medium and long 3 species. ② extension. Indicates that the light emitted by the luminaire is spread horizontally across the road, and is divided into 3 kinds: narrow, general and wide. ③ control. Indicates the degree of lighting control glare, divided into a limited, medium and strict 3 kinds. The way of installation of street lamp is bracket type, high type, straight rod type, suspension type and wall-absorbing type and so on.Street Light
    Lamp elevation: 1, lamp elevation Street width and light distribution curve to determine the angle of each street should be consistent. 2. When the lamp holder is adjustable, the center line of the light source shall fall within the L/3-1/2 range of the width of the road. 3, to the long arm lamp (or arm lamp) lamp body after installing, the lamp holder side should lift 100 millimeters than the pole side. 4, special lamps should be based on the light distribution curve to determine the elevation of lamps. Insurance: 1, the street lamp must install the fuse protection, installs in the FireWire. 2, with ballast, capacitor lamps, the fuse must be installed in the ballast and the external side of the electric melt. 3, 250 watts and below mercury lamps, incandescent lamps with 5 amp fuse. 250 watts Sodium lamp can be 7.5 amp fuse. 400-watt sodium lamp with 10 amp fuse. 4, incandescent chandelier should be installed two insurance, the pole place 10 amps, lamp place 5 amp. 2 13 black Tie Line 1.0m/m 1.5M Street Light