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The Main Points Of Wall Lampselection

Sep 12, 2017

     Wall lamp to buy attention: wall lamp style specifications and installation site coordination, such as large room can Andi wall lamp, small room can be a single fire wall lamp. The color of the wall should be in harmony with the colour of the installation wall. The Thick of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the installation location environment. If the surrounding space can be selected thick type wall lamp; The power of the wall lighting source should be consistent with the purpose. Wall lamp installation height is slightly higher than the head is advisable.Wall Lamp

    Wall lamp is installed in the interior wall of auxiliary lighting decorative lamps, generally with a white glass lampshade. Lamp power more than 15-40 watts, light elegant harmony, can decorate the environment elegant, rich, especially for the newly-married bedroom. Wall lamp type and style more, general common ceiling lamp, discoloration wall lamp, bedside wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on.Wall Lamp

    The wall lamp is not used as the main light source in the room. It is generally installed on the wall, used for auxiliary lighting and decorative use, installed in the bedside, Hall, corridor, etc. on the walls or pillars. Pay attention to the quality of lampshade, in the purchase of wall lamp, the first to look at the quality of the lamp itself. The lampshade is usually made of glass and the bracket is generally made of metal. Lampshade mainly see whether its light transmittance is appropriate, and the surface of the pattern and color should be the overall style of the bedroom echoes. Metal corrosion resistance is good, color and luster is bright and full are important indicators of quality inspection.Wall Lamp

    The light brightness of the wall lamp, generally speaking, the light is good, the degree is less than 60 watts. In addition to the installation of the need to choose different types of wall lamp, such as: a small room with a single head wall lamp, the room big words on the use of double head wall lamp, space big words can choose a thicker wall lamp; Finally, it is best to select the lamp has a protective cover of the wall lamp, so as to prevent the ignition of wallpaper, causing danger.Wall Lamp