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Technical Application Of Solar Garden Lamp

Oct 23, 2017

At present, the domestic installed solar street lamps, courtyard lights, the operation of the situation, the failure rate is quite high, the reasons for it, it is divergent views, so the promotion of solar energy lamp has produced a great hindrance. Whenever we negotiate with the customers to the solar energy Lamp Concrete project, the customer often has many doubts: what is its quality? Why is there such a high failure rate?Solar Garden Lamp 

How to apportion the cost of the late maintenance? How long is life? Customers of these problems, mainly from our current installation of solar energy lamp overall quality is poor, since the installation date in a relatively short period of time, the failure rate in some places up to 60%.Solar Garden Lamp

As a solar lamp, simply speaking, the original lighting is based on the use of a new energy supply. But because of the new energy supply, there will be a lot of accessories: Battery board, battery, controller. You know, the more simple things, the less the fault point, and the solar lamp more than three key components, its fault point than the common lamp more than one times more, such as the various components can not be compatible with each other, separate, the problem is big. Therefore, the solar lamp is a combination of science and technology, rather than a simple component assembly, in the absence of a certain science and technology, it is difficult to produce qualified products.Solar Garden Lamp

Solar lamp is mainly used in light source is led, DC energy-saving lamps, DC gas discharge lamps and electrodeless lights. LED is a very ideal light source, but to solve the problem of optical decay, DC gas discharge its light efficiency is high, is suitable for the high illumination place, the road; At present, the use of more is the DC energy-saving lamps, low cost, in the non main road on the middle and low bar street lamp and courtyard lights is a good source of light, take the new rural construction of solar street lamps, A large part is the use of DC energy-saving lamps. However, these kinds of light sources (except for the LED is its own reason), as long as the use of solar energy systems, its light damage is quite large.Solar Garden Lamp