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Street Light Control And Installation Attention

Aug 31, 2017

    The street lamp relies on the light energy as the source Power Solar Street Lamp realizes the independent road illumination. Because solar street lamps use intelligent automatic lighting, in order to ensure the quality of road lighting in the installation of solar street lamps, solar street lamp manufacturers How to configure the controller to achieve good road lighting?Street Light

    In order to ensure the entire solar street lighting system normal work, the controller should be under any conditions to ensure that the battery pack is not charged or put to vote, and damage, and at the same time have control, control, voice control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protective function. In addition the controller is responsible for monitoring the battery module charging status, the management charge process includes the load opening and closing, makes the battery pack, fully utilizes the energy, lengthens the service life. In the controller configuration can limit the charging voltage to prevent overcharge of the battery module, the shutdown load to prevent discharge, the controller can prevent the current too large, the temperature is too high, the controller can automatically open/close the load or components. Over pressure, the load can be closed.Street Light

    Because of the non-contact control technology of the controller, it has advanced control function, which is especially suitable for solar street lamp and photovoltaic power control by automatic switching load, and has various protection functions. Therefore, in the installation of street lights, solar street lamp manufacturers only reasonable configuration controller to achieve good road lighting.Street Light

    The construction personnel may according to the construction scene situation, has the responsibility to the installation place choice unreasonable to raise the question and to stop the construction, and will the situation in the first time report to the related responsible person. Pre-construction preparation of Solar Street Lamp Foundation for the necessary tools and selection of construction experience of the construction staff; in strict accordance with the Solar Street road map to choose the right cement, soil ph high place must choose the special acid and alkali cement; no impurities in sand or gravel that affect concrete strength In strict accordance with the size of the ground map of the solar street lamp (determined by the construction staff) along the road to the excavation pit; the ground pit was excavated for 1-2 days to see if there was any groundwater seeping.Street Light