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Solar Street Lamp Installation

Jul 16, 2017

             Solar Street Lamp 1. When installing the battery pack, it is strictly forbidden to short-circuit or throw components. 2. The power cord and junction box, lamp rod and the assembly of the threaded place with silicone seal, the battery pack wiring must be fixed firmly in the bracket, in order to prevent the power cord due to prolonged droop or drag and lead to loose or even fall off the wiring end. 3. Install the lamp and light source should be light to handle, to ensure that the transparent cover clean, no scratches, no tumbling and throw. 4. Do not touch the battery terminal and control valve when moving the battery, it is forbidden to short-circuit or tumble and throw the battery. 5. Wiring attention to positive and negative, strictly prohibited, connection Terminal crimping firmly, no loosening, should pay attention to the connection order, strictly prohibit the circuit short circuit. 6. Do not touch the solar modules and batteries at the same time "+" "-" extreme, in order to prevent the risk of electric shock. 7. Inverter output is high-voltage power supply, touch life risk! 8. During the installation process should avoid the light body scratches. 9. The lamp holder, the lamp arm, the upper lamp rod assembly, the solar module and so on each bolt connection place to connect firmly, does not loosen. 10. The installation of solar modules must be added to the guard board. Light Bar galvanized hole with silicone seal, attention to beauty.Solar Street Lamp

             1, Solar street lamps to solar radiation for the energy, irradiation in the light of the photovoltaic cell components of the sun is sufficient directly affect the lighting effect of lighting, so in the selection of the installation position of the lamp, the battery pack in any time period can be exposed to the sun, and no leaves and other shelter. 2, threading must pay attention to the wire do not clip in the junction of the lamp rod. The wires should be connected securely and wrapped with PVC tape. 3, when using, in order to ensure beautiful and battery components can better receive solar radiation, please clean every six months on the battery pack dust, but do not use water from the bottom up.Solar Street Lamp