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Six Characteristics Of LED High Power Flood Light

May 10, 2016

Led lamp with the progress of the times, wider range of applications, and the most common is LED flood lights, I believe we are not new, general lighting of outdoor advertisement was by projecting light from care around, so what LED flood light characteristic? small make up for all the following summary summary.

1.LED led Spotlight light sources are imported packaged single 30W high power LED as the light source. Light source using single chip integrated module designed and imported highlight semiconductor chips, has high thermal conductivity, light attenuation, aguang color purity, no ghosting feature.

2.LED closely with shell, shell heat sink wings and air convection, formed with cast aluminum lamp shells, can effectively cooling and ensures that the light source life. 5mm the perfect combination of high strength tempered glass and the lamp, lamp can be used in high humidity environments.

3.LED high power flood light uses high purity aluminium back cover, effectively improve the reflectivity, and ensure that the luminous flux output. Targeted will be LED light control range required, improves the uniformity of the light effect lighting and solar energy utilization. Highlight LED lamps a clear energy advantage.

4.LED high power flood light startup delay, power that is at normal brightness, without waiting, can reach millions or more switches.

5.LED high power floodlights installed fast, flexible, any angle can be adjusted. Versatility and wide application.

6.LED high power flood light green clean: design of cold light source, non-thermal radiation, without any harm to the eyes and skin. Elements do not contain lead, mercury pollution to realize the true meaning of green energy-saving lighting.