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Overview And Classification Of Wall Lamps

Jun 13, 2017

    Wall lamp is installed in the interior wall of the auxiliary lighting decorative lighting, generally equipped with milky white glass shade. Lamp power more than 15-40 watts or so, light and elegant harmony, the environment can be decorated with elegant, rich, especially in the new wedding room is particularly suitable. Wall lamp type and style more common general ceiling lamps, color wall lamp, bedside lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on.Wall lamps are mostly installed in the balcony, stairs, corridors aisle and bedroom, suitable for long light; color wall lamp for festivals, festive when used; bedside wall lamp are mostly installed in the bed at the top left, the lamp can be universal, Concentrated, easy to read; mirror wall lamp and more decorative in the bathroom near the mirror used.Wall lamp installation height should be slightly more than about 1.8 meters high line. Wall lamp lighting should not be too large, so more artistic appeal, the choice of wall lamp shade should be based on the wall color, white or creamy yellow walls, it is appropriate light green, light blue shade, lake green and blue sky, It is appropriate to use milky white, light yellow, brown shade, so that in a large area of the same color background wall cloth, dotted with a visible wall lamp, giving a sense of fresh and fresh.Wall Lamp

    Connect the wall lamp to use light-colored, easy to paint with the wall color consistent paint to keep the wall clean. In addition, you can first dig a wall in the wall just embedded a small slot, the wire embedded, filled with lime, and then coated with the same color as the wall paint.Wall Lamp Generally speaking, the living room if the space is higher, it is appropriate to use the fork to the fork of the incandescent chandelier, or a larger circular chandelier, so that the living room can be magnificent. If the living room space is low, you can use ceiling lamps to add lights, so that the living room will be bright and generous, with a sense of the times. Floor lamp with the sofa next to the sofa side of the coffee table and then coupled with the decorative process lamp, if the wall in the vicinity of the placement of a lower wall lamp, so the effect is even better. Not only reading, reading the newspaper when there are local lighting, but also in the conversation when the conversation also added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. The back wall of the TV can also be installed on a small wall lamp, soft light to protect eyesight.Wall Lamp