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Ordinary Street Light Converted Into LED Lights

Sep 30, 2017

With the accelerating process of global industrialization, the demand for various resources is increasing, and all kinds of exploitable resources on the planet are suffering from unprecedented over-exploitation, and the ecological damage and environmental pollution More and more serious, for our country, the per capita resource shortage, environmental capacity is limited, ecological fragility and other issues are particularly serious, if these problems are not effectively resolved, it will greatly restrict China's economic development space and sustainability.Street Light

In this grim situation, "building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society" has become China's basic national policy, and the current large number of high-energy equipment, how to deal with it becomes a top priority, all the update is costly, effort and waste Resources, so its energy-saving transformation, to achieve energy-saving requirements is the only way out.Street Light Street lights generally use three-phase four-wire parallel power supply, we must first disconnect the power supply room to the street power supply line, and then temporarily put three FireWire and a neutral line shorted, and then each street power supply line from the main power supply Line open, only to maintain the main line connected, and then in the most remote with a multimeter were measured between the three FireWire and the resistance between the center line.Street Light

After the resistance check of the street lamp line meets the requirements, the short line of the line of fire and the center line is cut off, and there is no connection between the points in the line and no grounding point. Then, the insulation resistance between the lines is measured in megger. Meet the requirements of the insulation resistance should be not less than 0.5MΩ (especially between the phase line and phase to the ground insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ, the center line can be more than 0.25MΩ). If the measured insulation resistance does not meet the above requirements, indicating that the main line insulation serious aging or insulation layer is damaged, according to the actual situation to repair the line or replace the new line.Street Light