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Main Factors That Determine Price Of LED Lamps

May 10, 2016

LED outdoor lighting market more and more, these LED lamps from different manufacturers, price differences in quality. However, what are the main factors determining price of LED lamps, the following analysis with you.

First, the LED lamp bead. This can be accounted for the cost of the entire led display price 30%~70%. LED lamp bead is the main components of LED screens per square metre display area there are thousands of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of lights. Main dip and SMD LED lamp light, straight-inserted primarily for outdoor LED full color display with high brightness. SMD type is mainly used for indoor LED display high density. Different brands of LED lamp bead price also varied widely, high-end brands are United States section Rui, Japan Zija, the brand quality, reliable, good stability, high brightness, and of course the prices are expensive.

Second, steel. Installation location, installation, LED screen size, the impact of factors such as frame material, especially when making Outdoor LED advertisement screens, under the influence of environmental, prices vary widely. Prices of structural steel frame consists of steel welded, steel workers, labor, auxiliary material costs. Steels and materials processing price is quoted on the weight unit, if it is a pole mounting, upright column steel and on the addition to the prices of civil engineering.

Three-body structure. Structure of ordinary divided into simple boxes, waterproof box. Simple box cheapest, don't need to be waterproof design

Four, and other ancillary equipment. Other materials such as power supply, control systems, audio, cooling equipment, wires and various accessories make full color LED display.

Five, the service life. Most manufacturers provide free time for one or two years after the sale, of course, if your LED full color display requirements are high, manufacturers offer three years, five years or even longer service hours, so that your products more secure, more comfortable to use.