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Development Trend Of Solar Garden Lamp

Sep 12, 2017

     With the development of the economy, the city lighting facilities more and more people's attention, garden green space, square and scenic spots, lighting and roads, buildings, neon lights, etc. constitute the city night a beautiful scenery line.

As a lighting tool in the garden, the garden lamp should be beautifully shaped and coordinated with the environment, to combine the theme of the environment, can give a certain meaning, make it a rich taste of the garden sketch, such as an Solar Garden Lamp

    Agricultural development institute in the courtyard of the sesame blossom-shaped garden lights, symbolizing the harvest of the scene; vase-shaped garden lights in a corner of the lawn, can cause people to green grass , the love of flowers; bark sculpture garden lamp stands in the jungle, the artificial and nature connect together, complement each other.Solar Garden Lamp

    Generally speaking, the design and application of the garden lamp should follow the following points: Choose the suitable location, the garden light is generally located in the garden Green area entrance and exit, Square, traffic arteries, the park Road side and intersection, steps, buildings around, Waterscape fountain, sculpture, lawn edge and so on. Solar Garden Lamp

    Illuminance and environment, according to the different landscape area, the choice of illumination of the garden is appropriate. such as entrances, squares, such as the distribution of people, the demand for adequate lighting intensity, while in a quiet pedestrian path only the general lighting can be required. The soft, relaxing light will make the garden environment more tranquil and comfortable, cordial and pleasant. The whole garden lamp must unify the layout in the Lamplight illumination, causes the light illumination in the garden to be not only evenly but also has the fluctuation, has the artistic effect which the shade rhythm. At the same time, to prevent the emergence of inappropriate shady corners.Solar Garden Lamp

    Choose the appropriate lamp height, to ensure that there is uniform illuminance, in addition to the location of the lamp layout to be even, the distance to reasonable, the height of the lamp post should be appropriate. The height of the garden lamp is related to the use, the general garden lamp height is about 3 meters, and the space of a large number of people activities, the height of the garden lamp is generally 4 to 6 meters, and the height of the lamp used for the matching scene should be determined with the situation. Solar Garden Lamp

   In addition, the height of the lamppost and the horizontal distance between the lamp posts should be appropriate to form a uniform illuminance. The ratio between the height of the lamppost and the horizontal distance between the lamp posts in municipal landscape engineering is generally between 1/12 and 1/10.Solar Garden Lamp