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Development Background Of Solar Garden Lamp

Jul 08, 2017

    Solar garden Lights are also called solar garden lights, energy-saving, environmental protection, do not consume conventional energy. The night automatically lights up, the daytime goes out, and the sunlight converts to electricity storage. Solar Garden Light works: 1 Daytime solar panels absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy to be stored in rechargeable batteries. 2 when the color dark down, the solar lamp automatically opened and began to illuminate. 3 morning color began to brighten, the lights closed automatically, charging began. Solar Garden Lamp Benefits: 1 green energy, non-polluting. 2 No pull line, safe and reliable, mobile convenient, easy to display. 3 Long working hours and low cost. 4 solar energy can be used for 5-10 years, led light-emitting diode up to 100,000 working hours.Solar Garden Lamp
    Domestic small and medium-sized led enterprises in fact is always suffering from the difficulties of financing. This batch of enterprises experienced several years of precipitation accumulation and desire to become bigger and stronger, but the capital does not then have to wait silently or even risk borrowing high interest loans. June, recently has led industrial base has appeared production value over billion enterprises due to the broken capital chain and the boss fled the event. At present, more than 95% of domestic seven thousand or eight thousand LED application enterprises are small and medium-sized micro-scale, from the industrial chain of the circulation of money, if the application end of "high fever", the upstream affirmation "cold", and out of the concern for the risk of account receivable, the upstream will also accelerate the payment collection, downstream funds must be more tense. Finally, we all hope to come from the national level of the LED terminal subsidies and support, but the resources are limited, released, still only to the local led oligarchs. More difficult, the five-year subsidy peak is about to go away, strong stronger, weaker weak differentiation pattern in the context of local administrative protection has been formed and continuously consolidated.Solar Garden Lamp
    At present, the small spacing has become the domestic LED display industry's largest hot (not one). More and more LED display companies scrambling to enter the field of small spacing also makes small spacing of the market scale of rapid expansion, small spacing has become an indispensable impetus for industry growth. With the innate advantage-resolution HD, rich display effect, color natural reality, display area can be "private custom" and seamless stitching, small spacing has been in the engineering display application market to obtain a wide range of applications, and in the commercial market began to emerge. Next, small spacing needs to continue to improve performance and reliability, reduce costs, in order to be able to market in the large-screen splicing LCD and DLP back-projection products such as a showdown.Solar Garden Lamp